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Personal stories from Survivors of Traumatic Brain Injury are very powerful and can be inspirational

Waiting: This is a Forum for those people who have suffered a brain injury and would like to share their insights. It features advice, anecdotes, stories, poetry, recommendations, and wisdom from those who share the bond of hope and survival.

TBI Survivor Stories: Stories for TBI Survivors, their family members and caregivers. This is from the CDC and they’d like you to become a Partner for better Prevention, Recognition and Response to TBI.

Brain Injury: Stories of survivors of traumatic brain injury.

TBI Warrior: Inspirational Traumatic Brain Injury Stories from the perspective of a survivor and a caregiver. TBI Warrior wishes to empower survivors and caregivers through education, providing resources to heal with hope.

Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT)

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Animal Assisted Therapy involves interaction between patients and a trained animal, along with its human owner or handler, with the aim of assisting patients' progress toward therapeutic goals. The links below are different agencies that certify therapy animals, train people and animals for therapy work, deliver Animal Assisted Therapy and offer education in the field of Animal Therapy. This listing is not everything out there, but a start on your search for the perfect Animal Assisted Therapy organization. Also, please visit the Betty Clooney Center website for more information on Animal Assisted Therapy.

Animal Assisted Therapy has been gaining acceptance for the last 20 years with the support of numerous studies that show that pets and Animal Assisted Therapy have statistically significant benefits on: lowering blood pressure, lowering cholesterol levels, decreasing cardiovascular diseases, improving physical activity levels, lower levels of depression, and increasing socialization. (Stanley Cohen, Professor Emeritus, Department of Psychology, University of British Columbia, Handbook on Animal-Assisted Therapy: Theoretical Foundations and Guidelines ..2010.)

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At UCLA’s Medical Center a recreation therapist employed Ginger an Australian Shepherd to help a brain injury patient recover his balance. The patient bent down to groom the dog with his weak arm and then threw a ball for her to fetch. The purpose is to encourage patients to do things they might not be motivated to do in order to facilitate rehabilitation techniques. (Roosevelt, Margot. "Canine Candy Stripers." Time 6 Aug. 2001.)

Animal Assisted Therapy can include animals other than dogs. Examples are horses, miniature horses, pigs, rabbits, cats, turtles, birds and reptiles. The industry’s hope is that Insurance companies and HMO’s will validate AAT as a valuable rehabilitation technique.

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Pet Partners: Formerly Delta Society, a national non-profit organization

Therapy Pets: Listings with different Therapy Pets

Open Directory: Listing of Animal Therapy Organizations

Therapy Pets: National Directory of Animal Therapy Websites

Cesar: Therapy Dog Information and Stories

California Therapeutic Riding Stables Directory:

Therapeutic Riding Center:

Therapeutic Riding Listing, Southern California:

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